The Bad Tenants


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New Single
feat Grayskul

with Nick Weaver


"Never Enough"


"Mostly People"


“Altitude Check”




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New Lyric video
"Parachutes" featuring Grayskul

"Altitude Check"

(official video)

Dir. by Justin Frick


(official video)

Dir. by dyllyn greenwood 

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"The Tennies"

The Bad Tenants are three guys that write dope raps and play instruments and sing blues and spin vinyl and combine it all for a sound that’s soulful and unique. 
The live show is memorable. See it for yourself and you’ll understand. 
Seattle, by way of Bellingham, Wa.


Vocals, Pretty vocals, Sax / Good Matters
Raps, Brass / Casey G
DJ, Raps/ DJ Idlhnds


Good Matters

Real name: Matt. Rap Name: Good Matters.
I picked up the alto sax as a kid and fell in love with music, especially blues, jazz, and Motown. My hands feel right when there’s a guitar in them and being on stage is where I express myself best.
I beat Casey in a rap battle in high school and he’s been pissed off ever since.



Casey G

My name is Casey. A lot of people call me C-Spot.
I started playing the trombone when I was 11.
I started rapping in high school. 
I still rap and play the trombone.
I also like jokes.


DJ Idlhnds

I go by DJ Idlhnds (pronunced 'Idle Hands'). I was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington, and I’ve been making hip-hop for more than a decade.
I cut my chops with a group called The Educataz back in High School, and then joined forces with The Bad Tenants a few years later.
I rock parties behind the decks and best your favorite MCs on the mic.
Category: Dual Threat.


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